• Rufus R. Bailey Jr. MBA
    CEO & Director


  • Fredric Dupuis

  • Ronald F. Hebert
    Vice Chairman

  • Donald L. Begin

  • Richard J. Main


  • Alexander J. Lareau

  • Conrad L. Ober

  • Rebekah A. Barbosa

Our Story

Dedicated to helping the community. Since the day we began.

Our Story

In 1930, local Irish and French-Canadian mill workers formed Woodlawn Credit Union to gain better access to financial services. Woodlawn literally spoke their language. And it was a place they could trust with their hard-earned money.

The community has changed and evolved, but our commitment remains the same. We’ve helped thousands of families — across multiple generations — to live better lives and feel more secure.

As Rhode Island’s only official “community development” credit union, Woodlawn Federal Credit Union is more committed than ever to helping people who might have difficulty elsewhere. We’re proud to see so many members prosper over the years.

Mission Statement

We at Woodlawn FCU strive to offer services designed to improve the economic and social well-being of ALL of our members no matter the socio-economic background, and return financial value to all those who participate in our member owned financial cooperative.

Become a Member

People you can actually talk to.

We’re good listeners. So when you need something, we’ll sit down and talk. It’s that simple. Sounds pretty old-fashioned, but this is how we’ve served our members for over 80 years. So there’s no reason to change now

A bank has to maximize profits to please its shareholders. But Woodlawn FCU, like all credit unions, is actually owned by its members. Not only do we give our members better service. Our profits go right back to our members through lower loan rates and higher interest on their savings.

So if a financial institution that’s all about you sounds good, give us a call or come in to see us. We’re always ready to listen.

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