Savings Rates & Other Services

Product Info
Checking Accounts Totally free, including checks¹
Christmas Club Pays out on November 1st
Money Orders Extremely low fees
Passbook Savings 0.20% APY
6mo. below 100k2 0.50%
6mo. 100k and above2 0.75%
12mo. below 100k2 0.75%
12mo. 100k and above2 1.00%
18mo. below 100k2 1.25%
18mo. 100k and above2 1.50%
24mo. below 100k2 1.75%
24mo. 100k and above2 2.00%

Tax Refund Savings Program
2.00% APY on 1yr CD* bonus may apply.

Required minimum balance to open CD's of all types $2,000.00

¹ With average daily balance of $500 or more
Rates for new accounts. Existing accounts may vary

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Easing the path to buying a home.

There’s nothing quite like the excitement of buying your own home. Most likely, it’s also the biggest purchase you’ll make in your life.

Auto Loans

Rates and payments vary, and are dependent on each individual’s credit profile, down payment and terms arrangements, and so forth.

Bring it in, mail it or fax it in. With this printed application, you’ll guarantee the privacy of your personal information.

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Other Loans

A flexible way to improve your life.

  • Starter Loans: Get your children off on the right track

  • Tuition Loans: Take advantage of cash discounts & lower your monthly payment

  • Bill Consolidation: Pay off your debt & lower your monthly payment

  • Home Improvement: Renovate, upgrade heat/AC, install a pool

  • Emergency Loans: Illness, accidents, legal issues

  • Household: Furniture, computers, TVs, appliances

  • Vacation: Travel expenses such as flights & lodging

  • Life Events: Engagements, weddings, graduations

  • And: Loans for any worthwhile purpose

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